90 hilfreiche jQuery Plugins für Webdesigner

Vom 27. Januar 2010 in Design

Das Javascript-Framework jQuery scheint sich zum momentanen Quasi-Standard zu entwickeln. Die meisten Plugins werden für genau diese schlanke Bibliothek geschrieben.

  • Accessibility
    Stylesheet and text size switcher.
  • Accordion
    Accordion interface with a few variations.
  • AlphaNumeric
    Prevent users from inputing special characters.
  • Ajax File Upload
    Loading graphic displays while file is uploaded.
  • AppendDom
    Write HTML with JavaScript, great for displaying Ajax results.
  • AppendText
    Converts text into post friendly html.
  • BlockUI
    Create a message overlay while blocking user interaction on elements or the entire page.
  • BogoFolders
    View text through a ‘file menu’ interface.
  • BogoTabs
    Basic tabbed interface.
  • Bubble
    Demo highlights selected table rows in groups of tables..
  • Calendar
    Aids date entry.
  • Checkbox manipulation
    Select, unselect and toggle checkboxes.
  • Chili
    Syntax highlighting for displaying code on webpages.
  • Choose Component
    Select data from a table row through a modal window.
  • Click Menu
    Generates dropdown menus.
  • clueTip
    Tooltips with many variations.
  • Color Animations
    Add color animations to div backgrounds.
  • Color Picker
    Pass in color choices and attach custom events to each color block.
  • columnHover
    Highlight table rows and columns.
  • columnManager
    Add, remove and toggle table columns.
  • ContextMenu
    – Menus that show when you right click specified elements.
  • Confirmer
    Adds a listener to check if user confirms their action.
  • Cycle
    Add flash-like image effects to rotating image galleries.
  • date picker
    Aids date entry.
  • Delicious
    Read delicious bookmarks from a user to display on a webpage.
  • Dimensions
    Get accurate window and document attributes across browsers.
  • Equalize Columns
    Make columns the same height as the longest column.
  • FCKEditor Plugin
    Adds a rich text editor to a textarea.
  • Field
    Expand the ability to retrieve and set values in forms.
  • Form
    Change HTML forms to submit via Ajax.
  • Gallery Viewer
    JavaScript image gallery.
  • getUrlParam
    Function to get url parameters.
  • Google Feed Plugin
    Display any RSS feed to a webpage.
  • Gradient
    Adds a gradient to a div without needing an image.
  • Grid Column Sizing
    Table column draggable resizing.
  • Grid Row Sizing
    Expand and collapse table rows.
  • hoverIntent
    Prevents unintended hover events.
  • idTabs
    Add tabbed interface to a website.
  • Impromptu
    Create modal windows and messages.
  • jQuery Localisation
    Applies localisation packages based on the user’s language preference.
  • jBox
    UI dialog widget.
  • jCalendar
    Aids selecting of dates inline on a page.
  • jCarousel Lite
    Simple carousel for images and HTML content.
  • jCodeViewer
    Syntax highlighting for displaying code on webpages.
  • jdMenu Hierarchical Menu
    Generates dropdown menus.
  • jEditable
    Live editing of elements on a webpage.
  • jFeed
    XML feed parser.
  • jPanView
    Replaces big images with a zoom viewer in HTML.
  • jqDnR
    Drag’n’Resize elements on a page.
  • jQMaps
    Interact with Google maps.
  • jqModal
    Display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser.
  • Treetable
    Make a tree view out of an HTML table.
  • Tree View
    Tree view controls.
  • Suggest
    Add autocomplete to input fields.
  • YAV
    Form validation library.
  • jqUploader
    Provides a status bar for uploading images.
  • jScrollPane
    Customize your scrollbars.
  • jTagEditor
    Turn a textarea into a tag editor.
  • jVariations
    Create a control panel to manipulate elements on a page.
  • Keyboard Navigation
    Dynamically determine which element to focus on based on it’s position on the screen.
  • labelOver
    Overlay labels over an input field.
  • LavaLamp
    Navigation menu with a ‘lava’ effect.
  • Lazy Load
    Only load images that are in the current window.
  • Live Query
    Adds event listeners to elements.
  • Masked Input
    Add mask to inputs to aid user data entry (phone numbers, etc).
  • Media
    Unobtrusive conversion of standard markup into rich media content.
  • Extra selectors for JQuery
    Add more selectors to jQuery.
  • Mousewheel
    Mousewheel event handler.
  • Mousehold Event
    Add repeating event as the user holds down the mouse.
  • Multiple File Upload
    Select multiple files one by one as it adds to a queue list.
  • newsticker
    Create a fading news ticker.
  • Password Strength Meter
    Indicator to show the strength of a users password.
  • PopupWindow
    Creates an preview popup of destination link.
  • Query String Object
    Useful for sending URL parameters.
  • Select box manipulation
    Remove and add options from a select list or dropdown in many ways.
  • selectCombo
    Tool for making dependant dropdowns with Ajax.
  • Star Rating
    Generates star rating from input fields
  • Grid
    Dynamic ajax grid control.
  • slideViewer
    Image gallery as slides.
  • Spoilers
    Hide content behind an image until user action is taken.
  • tableHover
    Row and column highlighting with variations.
  • tableFilter
    Search box is added to each column header to filter table.
  • tablesorter
    Client side table sorting.
  • Taconite
    Easily make multiple DOM updates using the results of a single AJAX call.
  • Textgrad
    Add gradients to whole blocks of text.
  • Time Entry
    Sets an input field up to accept a time value.
  • Tooltip
    Add tooltips from title page.
  • Validation
    Add live validation to forms.
  • WYMeditor
    Web-based XHTML WYSIWYM editor.
  • Zoomi
    Zoomable thumbnails.
  • XSLT
    Transform XML/XSL from JavaScript.
  • XAP
    Ajax library.